Danablu is a sublime delicacy in itself, as well as being a versatile cooking ingredient. Some cooks call it "the blue spice" - why not try it? The "spice" will do things to your food.

Danablu adds flavour and a delicious creamy consistency to

  • sauces for pasta and game
  • soups, for example potato soup
  • rich beef stews.

Danablu is delicious cold

  • as a dip with a little milk stirred in
  • in salads with baby spinach and grilled bacon
  • in a sandwich with roast duck breast and chutney.

Always remove Danablu from the fridge 1 hour before it is to be eaten to allow its flavour and aroma to unfold.

What should you drink with Danablu?

There are lots of possibilities. Sweet wines such as Sauternes, Tokay or vintage Port create a fine contrast with Danablu.

Red wines such as Zinfandel or Amarone are a perfect match.

And porters, stouts and strong pilsners with a high alcohol content are delicious beers to drink with Danablu.